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QR Code Stands For Quick Response Code. It was invented in 1994.It is a type of matrix barcode or two dimensional barcode typically made up of black and white pixel patterns.

QR Code can store large informations in a small single image and they are very quick to generate.QR Code is easy to use and they can be scanned anytime ,anywhere.

To read QR Code , we need QR Code reader or QR Code Scanner.

Anyone can generate QR Code For Free By Using ND QR Code Generator

To generate QR Code on android , simply open ND QR Code Generator website and enter the text of which you want to generate QR Code. Then click on generate button. In this way , you can generate QR Code on Android.

QR Code Generator is a tool,program,software or website which is used to generate QR Codes easily.

Yes. Generating QR Code on ND QR Code Generator is totally free. You can use our tool for free.

To download QR Code , simply right click on generated QR Code and click on Save Image As.. In this way you can download QR Code.

To download QR Code , simply press on the generated QR Code for a short time , then click on 'Download Image'.In this way you can download QR Code.

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